Live Great Food… Truck!

Time to hit the streets of the Chippewa Valley!

As many of you have already heard; we have purchased The Locavore Mobile Kitchen, as Chef Amy steps into the next chapter in her journey!

Admittedly, we were saddened to hear that Amy was moving on as she was a phenomenal and inspiring advocate for the Local Foods. Her fare was playful, bright, fresh and she used her platform to raise an awareness for the Local Midwest Farmer. She undoubtedly will be missed in the Chippewa Valley Community! However, faced with the idea of living in a world without a Chef Driven, Farm-To-Table Food Truck roaming the streets… We just simply couldn’t stand by and allow for that kind of back peddling.

So here we are!

We’re Off!

Same Old Mission | Brand New Adventure

Live Great Food Truck will offer a Scratch Menu that showcases all the rarities that we have right here in the Northwestern part of Wisconsin! We will focus on detailing our craft and bringing a seasonally inspired menu to the Chippewa Valley! We will focus on making a “conscious” food, something that is suitable for everyone while maintaining our standard in quality to offer the best dishes that we can muster!

Our Opening Menu! May 2020

We will continue offering Locally Raised Animals, a melody of our own Hand Crafted Sausages, Baked Goods, and Produce grown with love by all of our favorite Farmers! We are beyond ecstatic to take our mission to the streets and can only dream where this little yellow cart takes us in our First Season!

Whetstone Farms: Amery, Wisconsin. Photo by Kyle Lehman

We will continue as usual with Catering (once everything stops rescheduling). However if there is any good amidst this global health pandemic, It allows us to focus on getting our “sea legs” on the new battle ship! While it may seem like a small win to some… A win is a Win and We’ll Take it!

The Braht Mi

Stay Tuned and check out our links to Facebook & Instagram for the Whens & Wheres! We hope to see all of your smiling eyes peeking out from behind those decorative masks this Summer!

Check out this Second Opinion Magazines article on a little bit regarding who we are, what we do and where we are wanting to go!

Thanks To Volume One & our Debut Write up Titled: A Way of Life! Thank you for Featuring us in the May 27th Issue #409! Thank you to Briana Novacek for your inquisitive mindset and patience & Andrea Paulseth for the beautiful Photos!

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  • Lisa Minns Murray

    Hi guys! Love your food and website! Sorry but I noticed a small typo: here not her…Under “same old mission” “rarities that we have right HERE” 😉
    Can’t wait to eat from the food truck again! Let us know when you’re in Menomonie!! And if you need a 20 year old helper 😉 LOL

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