Life has a way of humbling a man…

This website is a composition of thoughts, ideas, recipes, techniques and ramblings through the time of a Gourmand. I have made a beautiful existence, in the most ironic of places. A way of life forged from cooking, butchering, gardening, gathering, craftsmanship and a quest to continuously develop in my understating of food. I have come to call this place “home”.  At times, I have allowed my passion & dedication to be limited to the confines of a kitchen. All of this hype and prestige, the expectation associated with the definition of Chef. I have spent years wandering through an industry looking for answers, what is good, why is it good, what to eat, what to cook, what does that make me…  The Kitchen is a beautiful place of its own, the place that raised me, a place to be respected. In all fairness though, I did not know any more about myself the day I stepped out of the professional kitchen, than on the day that I had stepped in. This is not to say that I learned nothing, I learned plenty. This simply states that I knew nothing of who I was. In that regard, I needed more… I needed meaning, I needed understanding, I needed something mine. Here is where I write about the journey.
If you’re a Culinarian yourself; that is to say, if you enjoy cooking, creating, eating, learning, or if you are just curious…
I welcome you to Live Great Food.

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