Welcome to Live Great Food! 


We are a Family Owned & Operated Small Food Business celebrating Northwestern Wisconsin and all of her seasons! 



Our mission is simple; Remain true to great food. Offer the best quality ingredient available. Continuously seek enlightenment and understanding in where our food comes from and bring it to the masses.  We aim to celebrate the Craft of Cookery by embracing The Farmer, The Butcher, The Baker, The Gardener, The Forager, The Seed Saver and countless others serving as stewards to mother Earth. We are hoping to leave a legacy of perfect practice so that our children may come to one day understand the nourishment and true beauty found in scratch cooking and serving a community. 



We source as much as we possibly can from our local farmers, including Humanely Harvested, Grass-fed, Pastured & Well Nourished Animals.

From Catering & (the new addition of) our Mobile Kitchen to Classes on everything from Butchery to Pasta making; We offer a locally driven menu steeped heavily in traditionalism and the artistry in scratch cooking. Wherever this world takes us and wherever we may go; fresh, colorful, bright, ingredients, full of life and beauty are promised to lead the way!



This website is meant to serve as an introduction to our mission, a composition of thoughts, recipes, ideas, techniques and ramblings through the life and time of an aging Gourmand. Redefining what it means to us to be a gourmand. Built to serve a community of individuals who ask enough questions and continuously seek to grow their own understanding with an open mind. We have created our own life and style in cooking forged from Butchery, Gardening, Gathering, Craftsmanship and a restless quest to continuously evolve our understanding of this epicurean world we live in. 


If you’re a Culinarian yourself; that is to say, if you enjoy the practice of cooking, the freedom in creativity, the true nourishment in eating well, the understanding in constant education, or if you are just simply curious… 


We Welcome You to Live Great Food!

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  • Cathie Slenczka

    Hello Anthony. I attended your sausage making class on Sunday March 31 in Eau Claire WI. I am looking for the Italian sausage recipe that we sampled. Do you have a polish sausage recipe that you can share? I would be very interested in taking more classes on butchering as well as cooking classes in Eau Claire. Please put me on your mailing list.

  • Madison Sterling

    Hello! My fiancé and I are looking around at different careers but one issue we are struggling with is the fact that throughout my family we have multiple dietary restrictions. Someone lead me to you guys and I’d love to learn more about Live Great Food!

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