LGF’s Bees Knees: Butcher’s Balm & Chef’s Salve

A Natural Chef & Butcher’s Wood Finish

A Chef’s Salve to treat your withered kitchen wares. Made with a concoction of natural oils and local beeswax; this Butcher’s Balm  is ideal for finishing your Hardwood Blocks and Boards. As well for use in the kitchen to condition old world rolling pins and other wood crafted trinquetes! With a beautiful sheen and a light scent of honey; We fancy it and think it’s the bee’s knees.


Kitchen Bitch: Tony Chavez

In a world dominated by master chefs, kitchen gods and culinary Idols, the story of the humble beginning of a cook is often overlooked or underappreciated. Follow Tony Chavez as he relives his frantic inception to his career and shares to aspiring cooks practical tips and guidelines, ones forged from the lessons he learned along the way.

Kitchen Bitch follows a naïve intern as he pursues his passion in food and finds himself cleaning haricot verts in the background of a highly accoladed kitchen with hopes of becoming a larger part of an amazing team. Unquestioning obedience to the vision of a demanding, maniacal Chef and sweaty hours under the tutelage of the brigade of arrogant, exuberant insane cooks is what he encounters in his introduction to the professional world of cooking.

From kitchen cleanliness to dealing with ruthless chefs and clumsy cooks to coping with time pressure, Kitchen Bitch provides a candid look at the chaos or harmony that goes on inside every kitchen. Above all, it is a testimonial to the hard work and passion that one man continues to have in pursuing his dream.


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