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Roasted Bison Marrow: Winter In Wisconsin

I have been quite curious with the marrow fad. Never having cooked the stuff or served it in a restaurant I headed into this endeavor virtually blind. What I did indeed know, I read about in magazines and on menus of little bistros and in a couple of blogs and books where a marrow dish sporadically appears. What to do? What to Do?


Faviken… A Nordic Restaurant across the pond, inadvertently dictates how I handle my Marrow.

“Treat it like a piece of meat and cook it accordingly, It should be medium rare when finished”

Magnus Nilsson on cooking Bone Marrow

Treat It like meat… Interesting concept…. Genius, Really.

I chose to use a 4 in cut just above the Knuckle, the bone would then act as a serving platter housing the Marrow. I rubbed the knuckles with Olive oil, Fresh Rosemary, Crushed Garlic, Salt, and Fresh Cracked Pepper. Wrapped the container and forgot about it for a week in the back of my refrigerator. I have been convinced that aging your meat creates a superior steak! End of story. I often Dry-Age Primals wrapped in cheese cloth for around thirty days. The flavor is s

o hearty, concentrated, so developed, as the meat begins to deteriorate, robust flavors begin to enhance the taste and mouth feel of a steak. I wanted something that tasted like that. After a short Five day soak for the bones, I couldn't wait any longer.

I roasted the bones at 350°F, gnarly pieces of flesh littering the bone, fifteen minutes and I was comfortable. The visible chunk of marrow was hot to the touch yet not melting.

I dig in. To my surprise it was everything I wanted it to be and More! When fishing out the Marrow it was barely warm to the touch. The first Bite was a teaser, The Marrow sat on my tongue and when my lips closed the fatty marrow dissolved and filled my mouth with a Roasted, Meaty, Rich liquid flavored of all the things that I associate a great steak, Herbs, Garlic, Salt, Pepper. It was a moment of complete appreciation in the hype, the marrow lived up to the boast. I had made Six of the knuckles, hoping to share… They barely lasted long enough for a photo. It was a perfect hors d’ouvres, Try This If you Get the Opportunity and I can guarantee you wont be Disappointed.

Herb-Roasted Bison Marrow, Crustini, Red Wine & Onion Marmalade, Savory.