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Pistachio Sponge: ISI Innovation

I was first exposed to the idea of a microwavable cake while working on the pastry line at The Fearrington House in Pittsboro North Carolina. The Chef was crouched in front of our Microwave with a wildly excited grin as he was obviously aroused with

the prospect of something new.

The seed was planted, an idea is born. I saw the ISI canister, Gas Chargers, and the finished product. Google and several Stages filled in the rest.



80 g pistachio

80 g sugar

20 grams flour

3 whole eggs

2 Nitrous Oxide Chargers


First Things First

The pistachios have to be ground pretty fine to work for this recipe or any recipe for that matter, when dealing with the ISI canister. The pieces of nuts have to be able to fit through the tiny nozzle that disperses the contents, ground as fine as a powder. To achieve this, I would recommend combining all of the ingredients in a robo-coupe or a vita prep, then passing the batter through a sieve. BUT… If you do not have a robo coupe, or a vita prep and you are anxious, and if you have a day off, I used a microplane to grate 80 grams of pistachios… Which I do not recommend.

Next Step

I started by combining all of the ingredients in a glass bowl and blending them with an Immersion Blender until smooth, just to make sure that the ingredients are combined thoroughly.

I then pour the batter into a ISI canister until it’s about half full.

I finish assembling the rest of the canister and add the first Nitrous charger. Shake the contents well, remove the charger, add the second charger and repeat.

With adding the gas you are taking the step by step instructions of creaming the yolks and sugar, then adding the pistachio, whipping the egg whites to firm peaks, and gently folding them in to create a fluffy batter into two key steps. Mix Ingredients; and Gas for a leavening agent. Chill the canister for 2-3 hours before your initial use. Shake well before you begin.

To Cook

Perforate a microwave safe cup, then coat the inside using cooking spray. Fill the cup about a fourth of the way with the batter, then microwave on high for 45 seconds.Once the timer stops, pull the cup and flip it upside down so that you are able to capture some steam and finish cooking the sponge.

Leave the cup flipped for about thirty seconds.



A sponge is Born. Now go out and create a dish.


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